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Ann-Marie O’Keefe is a Vancouver based Registered Clinical Nutritionist specializing in Functional Nutrition, and founder of 

Peak Performance Integrative Nutrition.


Her down to earth, engaging, and passionate approach to living a vibrant, colorful and healthy life has helped friends, family, and clients take control of their health.


 A health warrior, triathlete (who still fears the water),obsessive obstacle course racer, an outdoor adventure addict and a self proclaimed nutrition research nerd, Ann-Marie loves working with clients of all ages who want to improve their health. 


After selling her business of 25 years,

Ann-Marie went back to school to study nutritional science at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  Thinking this would leave her satisfied was an illusion as this was just the appetizer to her pursuit of nutritional studies.


Ann-Marie immersed herself in taking continuing education courses, webnairs and studying clinical case studies in a variety of health topics ranging from the microbiome (gut health), adrenal and thyroid health, hormone health, nutrigeonomics ( studying how specific food constituents turn genes on and off). 


Still hungry to learn more, Ann-Marie is currently studying with the Institute of Functional Medicine, while seeing clients at her private practice.


As an active working mom to a busy family, Ann-Marie knows first hand the challenges that come with balancing work, family, school, extracurricular activities, community services and trying to stay fit. 


Ann-Marie’s passion is to help you become the best version of yourself, so that you can acheive optimum health and vitality, no matter what speed you’re playing at. 


When Ann-Marie is not busy training for her next race, attempting to be an Iron chef in her kitchen, developing new healthy recipes for her family and clients, being a cheerleader and chauffeur to her busy and active family and supporting the community, you can always find her getting lost in the trails with her dog Merlin.


To Your Best Health,