This is the start to your personal wellness journey.

What is the Comprehensive

New Client

Nutritional & Lifestyle Wellness Assessment?






The New Client Wellness Assessment is a system-oriented approach which helps us understand your personal health story. It includes a comprehensive analysis of your health history, family health history, extensive symptom analysis (by analyzing roughly 200 possible bodily symptoms), diet and lifestyle assessments, MSQ and Global wellness assessment, eating habit interview, and a review of your previous Life labs blood tests.

Please note, we do not diagnosis diseases.  In the event of uncovering a health issue that requires medical attention, we will inform you of the clinical findings to discuss with your physicians. 


What lab tests should you provide?


The suggested lab tests should be current (within 6 months).  


  • Life labs blood work

  • Any other tests that may have relevance to your health concern. eg:  if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroid, we would like to see your thyroid panel.

Please note our fee includes reviewing your Life labs test reports.  Any other private tests will be subject to additional fees on a case by case basis. 

What if I don't have previous lab tests?

We can provide you with a Life labs blood requisition of tests for your doctor to sign off on.

Second opinion on tests 

If you recently had testing completed with unsatisfactory results, we offer the service of reviewing private tests with recommendations.  This service will include an in-depth overview of past recommendations, including all supplements and treatment protocols.

We offer this service for the following tests: 

  • Comprehensive stool and digestion tests: $295

  • Hormone panels- $295.00

  • Neurotransmitter panels: $195-$295.00

  • Cardio-metabolic panels: $195-$295.00

  • Supplement audits: $195-$295.00


How the Wellness Assessment works:

Step 1: What is required for your Comprehensive Wellness Assessment?

  1. Completed new client intake and consent forms sent prior to booking your first appointment.

  2. Three-day diet and lifestyle summary intake.

  3. Previous Life labs blood work/labs within the last 6 months .

  4. If you do not have current blood work, we can coordinate on your behalf.


After we receive your forms, we will contact you with suggested dates for your first appointment.

Currently, we have a 2- 3 month waiting period but will place you on a cancellation list for an earlier appointment.

Step 2: Information gathering session: 60 minutes appointment.


After we receive your completed new client intake package, and Life labs blood work, we will  schedule an information gathering session appointment to review your health assessment intake forms, Life labs tests and detailed test recommendations, should the need be identified to further address and identify health issues. 

Once we have all of the information, we will put together a comprehensive wellness  program designed to help you achieve optimal health.

 Step 3: Wellness Assessment Appointment: 75 minute appointment


In this session, we will review the identified obstacles from your intake forms and tests, and you will be presented with a 'Comprehensive Wellness Plan' outlining suggested recommendations to improve your health. With these recommendations, you can continue to work with your current health care team, or with Peak Performance.


We will provide the following recommendations in this assessment:


  • Information on main concerns and wellness guidelines on how to improve.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to start your wellness journey.

  • 7 day 'Get Started' meal plan

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Advanced private testing and wellness program recommendations to identify root causes and underlying imbalances.

  • Life lab requisition that you can take to your doctor for further testing ( if the need is identified for further testing).

  • Collaborative wellness referrals to support your wellness journey (if the need is identified)

  • Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis of your previous blood work.


Please note:  Advance testing and programs recommendations are not included in the price of the wellness assessment. 


*All clients will receive a 15 percent discount on all supplements from our virtual dispensary.


Next steps:


Personalize Your Health Goals


If you wish to receive continued support towards your health goals we can continue to work together with the follow-up menu services. 


  • Advanced functional and nutritional health testing 

  • A comprehensive review of follow up tests

  • Peer consulting with your health care team

  • Peak Performance Clean Living Programs

  • Health coaching

  • Family Meal Plans

  • Family meal plan services (this service is outsourced)

  • Nutrition Education/lunch and learns seminars

  • Private Grocery tours

  • Peak Performance Kitchen clean-out & restocking

  • Functional & Integrative Fitness Training *

  • *This service is outsourced with hand-selected trainers for your specific health goals and requirements.


Follow up appointments:
  • 1 hour appointments are $175.00 plus tax

  • 30 minute appointments are $87.50 plus tax


Private Insurance Coverage


  • Your private insurance provider may cover Peak Performance Nutritional Services. Please inquire directly with them.

  • Registration Details: Ann-Marie Lum, registration number: OM16-11 with the IONC (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants).

  • We will provide you with a detailed billing summary that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Some procedures or lab tests may not be covered depending on your insurance coverage and policy.


Payment, Cancellation and Booking Policies


  • Payment for services is due prior to booking your first initial appointment.

  • We accept Interac payments, cheques and cash. We do not accept credit cards or Paypal.

  • Payment for private testing is due when test kits are provided to you.

  • We kindly request an email or telephone call 48 hours in advance to cancel an appointment, to prevent you from being charged for a missed appointment.  To ensure your appointment has been cancelled, you will be sent an email confirmation.

  •  A confirmation appointment reminder email will be sent 48-72 hours before your first appointment. 



Becoming the healthiest and best version of yourself is a journey, and I look forward to being your personal health guide.


To your best health,