Know your personal nutritional code to optimal wellness, chronic disease prevention and managing the ageing process.


Chat with Ann-Marie


What's on your mind?  Perhaps you don't need a detailed nutritional plan but would love an engaging platform to ask questions, clear through the nutrition clutter and receive evidence-based and sound general guidance on your health questions for you or your family.


In this interactive one hour appointment, we can discuss your nutritional questions, health concerns, so you have a clear direction on your next steps towards your wellness journey.


What to expect:


After our session, you will be provided with recommendations either in-person or by email on the next steps to start your wellness journey. 


How to book:


If you wish to book, please contact Ann-Marie at: (604) 808-3494 or email 



Becoming the healthiest and best version of yourself is a journey, and I look forward to being your personal health guide.



To your best health,


Peak Performance Nutritional Services may be covered with your private insurance provider. Please inquire directly with them.  Peak Performance/Ann-Marie Lum is registered with the IONC and our registration number is: OM16-11